This is a difficult question to answer without detailed plans and specifications. It depends on how many aluminium doors and windows you need, what size they are, the glass and hardware you choose, and which ALTHERM® Window Systems range you want to use. The best way to obtain an accurate price for your new aluminium joinery is to request a free quote from us.

All our aluminium joinery is made to order, which means that we fabricate each individual door and window to meet your exact requirements. As a rough guide, a job will take between four and eight weeks from the time it’s confirmed with us to the time it’s delivered to you. However, this timeframe can (and does) vary depending on order size, complexity, and the volume of other orders we have going through our factory. Our team will always make you aware of current timelines when you place your order.

Usually, a substantial variation in price means there is something fundamentally different between the quotes you’re considering. It’s really important to know whether you’re comparing like with like. Do the quotes include ALL the same (or equivalent) items? Do they include flashings, sill supports, and toughened glass? Is there a warranty? Does the manufacturer provide after-sales service and maintenance? Our team are more than happy to go through your quote with you and help you understand our pricing in relation to others you have received. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like some assistance.

Yes. The majority of the windows and doors we supply are double glazed, in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code’s H1 Energy Efficiency clause.

We do. Our uPVC Klima Series is made specifically for New Zealand conditions and uPVC is a great option if you’re looking for a thermally efficient window. To view the ALTHERM® Klima brochure, please click here.

Yes, it does. Please visit the ALTHERM website for more information.

We can work in conjunction with your chosen builder and, once your new joinery is ready, deliver it on-site for them to fit, or, alternatively, put you in touch with an installer.

No, we’ll take care of all the glazing. However, we can supply our joinery without glass, if required.

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