The majority of the aluminium windows and doors we supply are double glazed, in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code’s H1 Energy Efficiency clause.

Our aluminium windows come in a wide range of configurations, surface finishes and colours and we’re able to offer our clients a choice of three different profile types: ALTHERM® Residential, Metro, and APL | Architectural. If you’re unsure of the joinery profile you require, a member of our team will be happy to help you select the joinery profile most suited to your window design and your project’s technical requirements. Both double glazing and single glazing are available and ALTHERM®’s Residential and Metro Series windows can also be upgraded with ThermalHEART™ to further minimise the transmission of cold and reduce condensation. For more information about the ALTHERM® Residential, Metro, and APL | Architectural ranges, please click here.


If you’re looking to maximise the thermal efficiency of your new windows, you may wish to consider our uPVC window range, Klima, which is based on the European Kömmerling series and has been adapted for New Zealand’s environmental conditions.

No matter which glazing option you select for your new joinery – tinted or clear, argon-filled, Low E – all of our ALTHERM® windows are supplied with safety glass that complies with New Zealand Building Code Glazing Standard NZS 4223. For a more detailed overview of different glass types and their properties, please click here.

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